Military Operation Cannot Eliminate Taliban

At the time when President Zardari was on US visit along with ISI head, a heavy military operation started in Swat. This operation is different in nature than the previous ones. Firstly, because this operation was launched in hast after US threatened to attack Swat with drones if Taliban are not stopped from advancing to Dir and Boner. Secondly, this time army is hitting Taliban. Another important aspect is that the capitalist media and main stream political parties are openly supporting this military action against Taliban. The general public perception is also turning out to be against Taliban. Few interviews of Sufi Muhammad and Muslim Khan have done the trick which ANP and PPP, NATO and White House could not do. It happened first time that spokespersons of Taliban negated their own words and media mujahidin faced such a difficulty in defending Taliban that some of the anchor persons are now writing against and predicting defeat of Taliban in their columns.  

Swat can be taken over from Taliban but they will not be defeated by the way military operation is going on in Swat. This time army will have to take over Swat for the sake of their honour as well. Trotsky says, "every army presents itself as invincible". If army could not take over Swat, their presumption of being invincible will be damaged but taking over of Swat will not mean that Taliban are defeated. Firstly, Taliban will vacate Swat when they see their defeat; secondly, Taliban cannot be defeated in one district or division or one area; thirdly, Army believes that Taliban are their "assets" with which help they will at least be able to carry on proxy war on Kashmir and Afghanistan if not able to conquer. Therefore it is not possible that Taliban are taken care of in Punjab and Sind and are eliminated by war in Pakhtunkhwa. We cannot have any hope from army against Taliban.

It is also important to note that Taliban cannot be defeated militarily. US tried to do this in Afghanistan and the result is that they are knocking on the doors of Kabul and are sighting Islamabad also.  We have been presenting this view in Mazdoor Jeddojuhd repeatedly that very radical measures are needed to defeat Taliban. First of all we need to defeat ideology of Taliban and then we need to eliminate those economic and social bases which are helpful in creating Taliban.

 Practical measure that can be demanded are end of US occupation of Afghanistan, separation of religion from state, free education, equal and same education system for all by nationalizing private education institutions and madrassas, land reforms and economic reforms which help in improving living standard of masses. With all these measures, we need to develop organizations of workers and peasants and peoples' militias which can protect themselves against Taliban. This all is possible only when a new movement emerges all over Pakistan on same lines on which the lawyers' movement was developed. This is not impossible. We have seen some initial glimpses of this in Lahore. If people can defeat mentors of Taliban, the military dictator who used to say that uniform is his skin then defeating Taliban must not be that difficult.





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