Education Foundation is operating two of its main endeavors without Swedish economic support, since January 2000, namely The Weekly Workers' Struggle and Pakistan Trade Unions Resource Centre- PTURC.

The Workers' Struggle has mainly survived because of various campaigns launched by the Foundation, including subscription and donations.

From its first issue published in 1980 until 1993, when the Olof Palme International Center started to support the paper, it had been printed without subsidies, but by raising funds from individuals and by selling the paper.

PTURC has been able to continue its operations by combining commercial printing work with mainly non-commercial trade union printing work, as planned from the beginning.

Apparently, trade unions are not organised to raise funds in a proper manner, but rather collecting money on an ad hoc-basis, when the need arises, e.g. In an emergency situation when a demonstration has been decided upon and there is a need to print posters or pamphlets Hence, it was extremely difficult for Education Foundation to collect funds on a regular basis from trade unions.

In the mid nineties, Education Foundation realized it had the illusion that it would be possible to operate Unions' Schools for Working Children by raising the consciousness of trade unions to donate funds. However, a continued economic crisis in the country with less income for workers led to more unemployment and decreased trade union membership. Hence, it became more and more difficult for trade unions to survive on present limited financial resources. The only option felt by many was to raise additional funds from members. Trade union member organisations were supporting Education Foundation economically by purchasing the Workers' Struggle, and by bringing business to PTURC. In 1999, it was felt that it is not be feasible that the Foundation's member organisations would be able financially to contribute to the operations of Unions' Schools for Working Children. Hence, the Unions' Schools for Working Children terminate its operation from June 2000.


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