Sindh Assembly Resolution Empowering Home Based Women Workers Adopted

The Sindh Assembly on Wednesday unanimously adopted a resolution pertaining to the protection of rights of home-based women workers and recommended that a campaign be launched at the union council level to register such women to make them empower.


It is significant milestone in the right track for the formulation of law on home-based women workers after the passage of 18th Constitutional Amendment which gives power to the federating units (Provinces) to make and amend labour laws.


Mrs. Taukeer Fatemah Bhutto, Provincial Minister for Women Development supported by other female members of the Assembly moved the resolution and after detail discussion Deputy Speaker Shehla Raza put the resolution to vote and it was passed unanimously. Today’s newspapers highlight the news prominently.


The passed resolution dedicated that to fulfillment the requirement of the ILO Convention 177 and the CEDAW (Convention on the Elimination of Discrimination Against Women) and recommended to the Government to take immediate & proactive steps for the empowerment of 8.52 million Home Based workers in Pakistan. To recognize the Home based Workers in different categories of labour laws and in the allocation of funds for their betterment. It is also recommended that a campaign at the Union Council level be started to register the HBW. Protection of rights, non- discrimination at work place, elimination of child labour as well as bounded labour, fixation of minimum wages and working hours are needed to be resolved immediately. Facilities of literacy, skill training should be encouraged to enhance their abilities and provide health and legal cover. Maximum efforts should be made to improve the life and working conditions of the Home Based Workers.


Mr. Nasir Mansoor, Deputy General Secretary National Trade Union Federation and I met with Madam Minister today and congratulate her to put forward the resolution and to initiate the process for the legislation. We also met officials of the Provincial Labour Ministry and discus how to work jointly for the legislation in accordance with the Assembly resolution.






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