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18 trade unions and political group reject to privatization of PTCL

Workers assured full support for October 5th demo in Lahore

A Pakistan Telecommunication Workers Solidarity Multi Party conference was held at Ambassador hotel in Lahore on 27th of September 2011 organised by Labour Education Foundation, Labour Party Pakistan and National Trade Union Federation. 

18 different social organizations, trade unions, political
parties and media groups participated, they are Labour Education Foundation, National Trade Union Federation, Pakistan Workers Federation, PTCL Workers Dost Union, Awami Party, PML Q, Pakistan Bhatta Mazdoor Union, Punjab Union of Journalists, Lahore Gymkhana Club Union, Labour Union PTCL, PTEU(CBA),Pakistan Trade Unions Defence Campaign, Pakistan Trade Uion Federation, Labour Party Pakistan, Rustam Sohrab Motor Cycle and Cycle Workers union, Railway Workers Union and others.

Speaking on the occasion, Khursheid Ahmed, general secretary Pakistan Workers Confederation opposed the privatization. He said
that privatization is the mother of unemployment. The example of the privatization of PTCL is has exposed the real nature of privatisation and it was sold by the Government very cheaply to foreign company Etisalat. There were 72,000 employees in PTCL when it was sold. Now there are only 26,000. This is not in favour of workers or the masses. 

Farooq Tariq spokesperson Labour Party Pakistan said that it was the commitment of Etsalat at the time of purchasing not to drop out any worker from the job. But now with over 46000 kicked out, most of the trade union leaders were sacked from job and they are unemployed for 15 months. The trade union leaders demanded increment in their salaries. 

The ovens of their houses have closed; children were not
having education because they cannot pay dues. Management is using such meanness tools to threaten workers and electric meters of their houses have been taken off. 

Farooq Tariq said that Etsalat is not paying remaining 840
million dolors from full payment of PTCL. The management is showing low profit. It only because the company has to pay the 74 percent share to Government.

Speakers included Malik Maqbool Ahmed, Hamad-Ul- Hasan
Qureshi, Adam Pal, Hassan Mohammad Rana, Syed Niaz Kazmi, Niaz Khan, Ayaz Safdar Sindhu, Moeen Nawaz Punnoo, Ghulam Sabir Butt, Anjam Riaz said that there is no time for silence silence. Unity is the need of hour. They agreed to support the call by the trade unions of PTCL to have a demonstration in front of headquarters on PTCL on 15th October.
The head quarter of PTCL will be surrounded in Lahore at 5th of
October. Hunger strike will be organized at Islamabad on 12th of

The Multi Party conference laid dawn a case against privatisation and demanded the renationalisation of PTCL, reinstatement of all the workers, full payment to all those who are receiving half of the wages, Pension increase according to government notification, permanent jobs for contract workers, The conference demanded that government should kick out Eitesalat and should not wait for the remaining payment of the company. 

Report by Jalvat Ali
Labour Education Foundation





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