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Daily waged workers of Nestle Pakistanís Sheikhupura factory are facing numerous problems. Their wages are not increased, denied of benefits such as weekly and annual holidays.                 Labour Education ( November 2011)

Laborers are living awful lives throughout the country. At one level they are not being paid in relation to inflation and at the other end they forced to work as daily wagers in factories. Working as daily wagers they are denied of not only weekly holiday but of monthly holidays too. There is no process to raise their wages. All these problems are also being faced by the workers of Nestle Pakistan Sheikhupura Factory. The factory has 5- 6 thousand workers. 30-40 women are working in the administration and most of them are daily wagers. They have been working for approximately 14 years and their daily pay is 317 rupees. They donít have access to social security and EOBI. Only relatives and influentially strong are permanently hired. Since 4 months at least 60 workers are jobless. They are living in rented houses and are in dismal living conditions.  In these pathetic and pitiable conditions they are demanding that their workerís be freed and their jobs to be restored, previous four months salaries to be paid, permanent worker status should be granted, annual and weekly holidays to be given.





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