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Nobody in Pakistan postal services is in the position to solve the problems of union.                                 Labour Education ( November 2011)

Saeed Hameed Ahmed has been striving for the worker rights of Pakistan postal services since 1957. He formed an “All Pakistan Postal Employees Union” and provided a collective platform to the workers to battle for the rights. The union was registered in 1957 under article 10/79. The problems faced by the workers in this sector are numerous. Postal services have a total of 47000 workers and out of them 70% are permanent while 30% are temporary. 1979 was the last year when the Pakistan Postal Services had Union elections and since then no election or referendum could be done. This indicates the atrocities being faced by the workers.  He appreciates the effort being done by Labour Education Foundation and National Trade Union Federation to raise awareness of workers and to discuss their issues regarding privatization and related problems.





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