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“Registration as workers is the legal right of Home Based Workers”. This was demanded by women present at the first ever celebration of Home Based Workers Day jointly organized HomeNet Pakistan and Labour Education at Lahore Press Club.                   Labour Education( November 2011)

20th October is remembered as a historic and an important day for the Home Based Workers of South Asia including Pakistan. As on 20th October 2000 South Asian countries passed a declaration for the home based workers. This year those countries celebrated first ever home based worker’s day. Home Net Pakistan and Labour Education Foundation also celebrated this day by lighting candles in front of Lahore Press Club. Large number of Home Based worker’s were present at the occasion, they were carrying placards and posters bearing their demands. The demands were: Ratify ILO convention for Home work C-177, devise a national policy for home based workers, implement 7000 minimum wage, provide social security, old age benefits, pensions, right to health during work, provide facilities to women worker during pregnancy, grant unionization and CBA rights, provide equal wages and home based workers to be recognized in government statistics and economy.







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