Condolence reference for our four beloved comrades Salam, Najma Khaum, Rehana Kausar and Abdul Wahid Baloch was held in Karachi on 8thJanuary 2010 in local auditorium.

It was attended by large number of trade union representative affiliated with NTUF, workers and leaders of LPP from all over the country and members of different community, organization NGO’s, literary organization and friends of decease comrades. The condolence meeting was presided over by Mohammad Rafiq Baloch, Central President of NTUF. Auditorium was decorated with the pictures of four comrades who were died in road accident on Balochistan coastal high way on fateful evening of 13th December last year at “Bisal” near Ormara Balochistan.

The meeting was started with 2 minute silence in respect of the martyrdom comrades. A documentary on life and struggle of departed comrades was also shown in the gathering. Condolence was jointly organized by Laobur Party Pakistan, Karachi, National Trade Union Federation and labour Education Foundation.

All the speakers paid rich tribute to the revolutionary comrades and pledged that they’ll follow the path for which they scarified their precocious lives and they’ll never letdown the red flag, symbol of working class struggle and fight for the accomplishment of the mission “socialist revolution”. At that movement all the eyes were filled with tears when the elder daughter, Anny aged 19, of comrade Najma Khanum stood for speech and said that she’ll continue to work from the point where her revolutionary mother breath her last. The meeting was also address by the elder sister of comrade Rehana Kausar and elder brother of comrade Salam, who is also the active member of LPP.

Other speakers in the meeting were Mr. Nasir Mansoor from NTUF and LEF, Mr, Shahid form Pasni, Mr. Sajjad Zaheer from Progressive Youth Front, Mr. Nagyal from LPP and a friend of Salam, Ms. Shahla Rizwan from LPP, Ms. Azra Parveen from LEF, Mr. Qazi Siraj from Jasarat Newspaper, Mr. Rahatullah, legal secretary NTUF, Musarat Jabeen from IFG, Ms. Zehra Khan form LEF and HBWWA, Ms. Irfana Jabbar General Secretary Bangle Workers Union, Mr. Ghani Zaman General Secretary NTUF, Mr. Khalid Mehmood Director LEF, Mr. Shafiq Ghouri NTUF, Mr. Allaudin Bangash, political workers, Mr. Younis Rahu General Secretary Laobur Party Pakistan, Mr. Farooq Ahmed from Mardan LPP and Mr. Haji Bashir Ahmed from LPP. 

The meeting was conducted by Mukhtiar Rahu. A campaign was also launched to collect 3 million rupees to take care of families of decease comrades and in this campaign one million have already been contributed out of which point 7 million were contributed from Karachi.  





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