Labour Education Foundation - Achievements

Education Foundation Achieved the hall mark victory by bringing major trade unions together and as well as a result made them part of Pakistan Workers Confederation (PWC), which is the main Confederation in Pakistan.

On the initiative of EF some of its affiliates have become member of international trade union organizations.

EF itself has been affiliated with International Federation of Workers Education Association (IFWEA) in 2001.

There is another area of achievement of EF, which is to materialize the initiative of scatted cottage industry workers of printing and graphic industry and built Pakistan Printing and Graphic Workers Union in 2001.

Regarding child labour, EF took the initiative to develop three Union Schools for working children in working class area of Lahore and educated more than 3000 students in a span of five years (1996-2000)

Regarding women's struggle of emancipation, EF develops Women Workers Help Line (WWHL), which is one of the most effective women issue oriented organization working in Pakistan since 2000.

The main achievement of WWHL is to settle the day to day grievance regarding discrimination in factories and domestic violence.

WWHL has been organized demonstrations on different issues related to women in Pakistan. It has also organized several workshops and seminars for problems identification and awareness of working women.

Regarding establishment of Pakistan Trade Union Resource Centre, EF has developed a physical structure for a reference section as well as printing unit containing three presses and has printed posters, booklets and other publicity materials for trade unions, which is indeed an initiative taken first time in Pakistan for trade union struggle.

Regular Publication of Weekly paper MAZDOOR JEDDOJUHD ( for last six years till now, as a sustainable activity in the area of enlighten of trade union activists all over Pakistan is an other achievement of EF.

Making Ittehad Labour Union Carpet Industries Pakistan, an effective trade union by providing it with capacity building, communication and management facilities, was one of the early achievements by Education Foundation regarding its trade unions development objectives.




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