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Two Days Social Protection Workshop with Brick Kiln Union Members Organized by LEF in Lahore

A training workshop was organized in hotel Pak Heritage Lahore on 27-28 June 2018 in which total 11 females and 17 males participated from different districts participated. There were conduct different sessions with brick kiln workers, discussed issues in this workshop and raised demands for workers welfare. Some demands highlighted such as,

         Abolish advance system

         Proper housing with all basic facilities

         Provision of proper wages

         Social security cards, EOBI cards

         Health facility at brick kiln

         Maternity leaves to females workers

         Provision of pure drinking water at brick kiln and workplace

         Facility of washroom at workplace and separate washroom for females

         Prioritization of Demands

         Provision of Social security cards

         Provision of EOBI cards

         No advances offered by owners





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