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Women are facing two pandemics- COVID 19 and violence
It is needed to Orange the world
Women Rights Are Human Rights

LAHORE, 04-12-2020: A large number of brick kiln women workers, social activists, civil society organizations, representatives from Punjab Commission on the Status of Women, National Commission for Human Rights (NCHR), Women Development Department, Labour Department and Minister for Human Rights, congregated in a seminar, which was organized by Labour Education Foundation to join hands to international campaign “16 Days of Activism against Gender-Based Violence”. Speaking on the occasion the brick kiln women workers shared that not any brick kiln worker is getting the wage as per the notification of government and they do not have social security cards, which lead bonded labourer, while the condition of women brick kiln worker is more worst because brick kiln owner not register the women in their accounts as worker. Women workers also shared that they have no basic facilities like clean drinking water, washrooms, first aid facilities at kilns and women face different forms of violence at home and at workplace. Women brick kiln workers also said that women are facing the domestic violence, discrimination in education and cultural discrimination in their day to day life and the COVID-19 pandemic has aggravated key risk factors for violence against women, such as food shortages, unemployment, economic insecurity, migration flows.

They demanded proper implementation of labour laws through proper labour inspection to end modern slavery and ending violence against women and girls. Above all, there is need to change the culture that promotes discrimination especially against the women. Brick kiln women workers speaking at the occasion also demanded better work environment provision at the brick kilns, especially provision of clean drinking water and washrooms for women. They also emphasized need of better role of government departments for safeguarding women and children in this regard.

On this occasion, Muhammad Tahseen director SAP Pk, Niaz Khan General Secretory Labour Progressive Union, Tayyab Virk Assistance Director Labour, Waqas Afzal Reginal Coordinator Punjab Commission on the Status of Women and Ijaz Alam Minister Human Rights Punjab also shared their views and emphasis on the promotion of human rights education at the larger level.




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