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Mehnatkash Union Philip Morris Tobacco Company Leaders arrested: (06\01\2016)

Shame on PTI government of KPK for arresting trade union leaders and members of Mehnatkash Union Philip Morris Tobacco Company!
Today at around noon time 33 members of the Mehnatkash Labour Union of Philip Morris Tobacco Company were arrested by the Swabi Police under notorious MPO laws by the orders of DCO Swabi. These trade union members are sent to DI Khan jail. This is how the governmennt of PTI in KPK is responding to the struggle of trade union against illegal sacking of 141 workers from the company.
PTI government is not able to implement the court orders of NIRC against illegal sacking of workers from jobs but instead are arresting the workers. Philip Morris Tabaco Company offered heavy bribes to Abrar Ullah the president of the Union when they called him for negotiation in Islamabad. He was called to forget the union and sacked workers. He flatly refused the bribes and asked for reinstatement of the 141 workers. Abrar Ullah informed me about this when I met him two weeks back in Mardan and attended the protest camp outside factory gate.
It seems that company has heavily bribed the local police and district administration for arresting trade union leaders and protesting workers.‪#‎PTI‬ leadership should take notice of this act of district administration of Swabi and respect the democratic right of workers to protest. In more than 40 days the local government was not able to convince the Philip Morris management for a fruitful negotiation with trade union and for acceptance of the court orders against sacking of workers from jobs but they were very fast on arresting workers over the protest. After the protest of Mehnatkash Labour Union and Awami Workers Party on 4th January the district administration Swabi had a jirga with trade union and AWP leadership and they assured the union leaders that they will play their role in bringing the company to negotiation but instead they have arrested the leaders and workers of the union.
We strongly protest against this act of government and ask for immediate release of trade union leaders and members. The Philip Morris Company should negotiate with trade union over the sacking of 141 workers from jobs and settle the matter according to labour laws.
We salute the struggle of Mehnatkash Labour Union and its leaders Abrar Ullah!

Khalid Mahmood , Director Labour Education Foundation


Labour Education Foundation