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Participatory Review and Reflection Meeting of Pakistan Bhatta Mazdoor Union

LEF has facilitate Pakistan Bhatta Mazdoor Union executive body members to assess the union through Participatory Web Tool


Pakistan Bhatta Mazdoor Union was assessed by the following indicators shared by its member who were present at meeting

1-Union Funds

2- Leadership

3-Democratic process- With in the union

4-Women participation/membership


6-Office (a formal premises)

7-Record Keeping


9- Over all Work of the union

Each indicator was valued 1 to 10. In the meeting each indicator was assessed and one value was given. In the last PBMU member themselves analyses the empowerment of its union. It was concluded that there is need to improve all the indicator however women participation should be given more in focus, overall the PBMU work is rated to 6 which mean that the brick kiln workers are very much satisfied with performance of PBMU.





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