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Provincial Consultation on Minimum Wages and Equine Welfare


A Provincial Consultation on Minimum Wages and Equine Welfare was organized on 22nd November 2022 at Shalimar Tower Hotel by the Labour Education Foundation. It was attended by the DG (extension) of the Punjab Livestock & Dairy Development Department, Lahore; Deputy Director of the Labour Department, Lahore; representatives of the Brick-Kiln Owners Association, Sheikhupura chapter; Pakistan Bhatta Mazdoor Union and Labour Education Foundationís Miss Jalvat Ali, Tajammal Aziz and Irfan Elahi.

The sitting discussed the recommendations framed by the 20-member district advocacy group for effective implementation of laws governing brick-kiln workers and equine. 

The participants agreed that lower fine amounts and bailable jail terms on violation of labour laws are failing to check the menace and there is need for making the penalties stringent. 

They, however, acknowledged the achievement of the program as due to the awareness created by it about the laws, the wages of the equine owners have gone up around 15 percent from Rs280 to Rs320 for hauling per 1000 bricks.

The consultation observed that neither equine vaccine is available nor livestock department officials regularly visit brick kilns to guide equine owners about the welfare of their animals. It recommended at least once a month visit by a veterinary doctor along with vaccination and other medicines for the proper care of and in time guidance to the owners about the welfare of the equine.





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