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    Orientation Session on penal code 509

An orientation session was conducted at Suttermill and Youhanabad in last week of June.  The topic was “Protection against Harassment of Women at Workplace Act, 2010”. About 25 to 30 participants were present and were getting awareness from this law. Nazli Javaid and Salman Ali were the speakers.

Nazli Javaid said Section 509 of Pakistan Penal Code talks about “insulting the modesty” of a woman but there was no clear definition of “modesty”. Moreover, there was no law to prohibit harassment at workplace. She further explained that last year (2010), Government of Pakistan not only enacted a special law for preventing sexual harassment at workplace but also amended section 509 of Pakistan Penal Code. Now it clearly defines harassment and includes harassment at workplace as well. It has also raised the maximum punishment for perpetrator from one to three years. Now under section 509 of Pakistan Penal Code, insulting the modesty of women or sexually harassing them, is a crime. The perpetrator of this crime may be punished with imprisonment, which may extend to 3 years or fine up to PKR 500,000 (5 lakh) or with both. However, this crime is still bail able and compoundable (parties can settle the case between themselves even when matter is in the court, after permission of the court).

Salman Ali explained about the objectives and vision of Labour Education Foundation and its working in grass root level. Their aim was to organize, capacitate and advocate for workers rights and provide informed input to trade unions and various civil society organizations for the promotion of workers’ rights. He explained about the project of STS and described about the strategies which has to be adopted in future.  He said our main focus is to capacitate the labourers and while doing so they get knowledge about their rights. He explained that Pakistan has enacted a new law namely “The Protection against Harassment of Women at Workplace Act, 2010” since last year. This is the first time that sexual harassment has been defined in Pakistan through a legislative instrument. Before this enactment, there was no clear definition of harassment, whether at public, private or workplaces.






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