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    June 2012

Historic Protest by Primary Teachers

A historic protest rally by primary teachers’ association which was conducted on 30th May 2012 in front of National Assembly about 15000 teachers from different cities participated in it in favor of their demands. Teachers demanded that they should be promoted according to the service structure and pay circle. They demanded the government to upgrade the time scale of teachers’ promotion, regularize contractual teachers as teachers were being deprived of basic necessities, which should be ensured by the state. They said due to this injustice they are not promoted to higher grades or ranks and at last they are retired on the same scale. Speaking on the occasion, office-bearers of the teachers’ union said that they would not tolerate the anti-education policies of the Punjab and federal government. They said that they would set up a hunger-strike camp in front of the assembly if their demands were not fulfilled. At last Information Minister Mian Iftiqar Hussnain requested to the teachers to remain calm and provide us 5 days for looking and solving this issue.


Trade union works and protects the rights of working class:

Labour education foundation conducted a one day workshop with home based women workers at Mardan.  Women participation was from Charsadda as they are working like Stitching, packing of food items, to make decoration piece.

Talat Rubab and Bina fida were the facilitators in the workshop. They told the participants about the objectives of the workshop and explained the problems faced by the women home based workers. Importance and actual definition of home based women workers were told to them and what does trade union meant and its working was also explained to them. At the end role of LEF and introduction was made to them.

Lecture on home based women workers were made in which it explained that the Government recognizes that there 8.52 million home based workers in the country.  The proportion of women workers in the home-based based sector is 65% in contrast to only 4% of all male workers who are home-based workers. These home based workers contribute to the country’s economic growth. Pakistan accounts 80% of the world’s match-grade footballs and earns nearly $50 million in foreign exchange from this industry alone. 

Role of ILO and its sections were described to them like section 87 which describes that every person have right to make a trade union without any hesitation.  Section C-177 and its importance were highlighted to them.


Two days Training workshop of teachers under the project of Community Literacy and Facilitation centers.

Labour education organized the capacity building workshop of teachers on 22-23 May 2012. In the workshop teachers were explained about the project and its necessities. They were told that 6 centers will be opened in Lahore as two in Shahdara and one in all sutturmill, Momenpura, Youhanabad and Jallo Moor.

Project introduction and a brief orientation were given to them. They were told about the advocacy process and techniques for teaching the student labourers as they will be taught Math, English, Social studies and Urdu.







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