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    March 2012

We need to fight in order to break free from the influentials.

Fakhra is 50 years old and lives in Mujhahid Abad Rawalpindi. She is performing Home Based work since her youth and is continuing to date. She has four children. Though she is not formally educated but her eldest daughter is studying in B.com. Her two sons have stopped going to school. She belongs to Hazara division where women have tough restrictions on their mobility. Her husband is also a labourer and earns a nominal wage. She earns 3500 to 4,000 rupees in a week. She dries peels of oranges, dries them and gives to a shop vendor. She says that her work is seasonal from November to March.  Talking about problems faced by Home Based Workers she said that poverty is the root cause of the problem. She blames the politicians who are only worried about their bank accounts and do not care by the people who give them votes.


Labour can be saved from accidents by ending ban on Labour Inspections

A pharmaceutical company collapsed in “Khaarak” area of Lahore when a boiler was busted on 6th February. 22 workers’ died which include five children aged between 12 to 16 years. According to Pakistan law children aged below cannot be employed in labour. The deceased include 16 women. 10 of them are aged between 18 to 20 years. The owner preferred giving work to young girls which indicates their sexual harassment aims. One woman was 55 years old. The factory was operative in a narrow residential street. This was major hindrance in providing the relief work as ambulances and machineries for clearing the rubble could not enter the spot. The factory owners were violating the labour laws like every capitalist class of Pakistan. Extended working hours, child labour, sexual harassment, poor health and safety conditions, unsafe tools are few factors which were not being taken care of. The Punjab Government is supporting the factory owners.


“I want increase in wage and provision of social security facilities”

Khair un Nissa is member of Labour Education Foundation’s cooperative in Yousaf Goth Gaddap Town Karachi. She is 36 years old and is married since 20 years. She is performing Home Based Work since she was a child. While narrating her story she said that her husband was an addict and jobless. She divorced him and remarried but her bad luck followed her. Her second husband was no different from the earlier. But she is bearing all the atrocities for her five daughters. She makes bangles along with her daughters and is earning a living for her family. She is actively involved in activities don’t by LEF and is hopeful that one day wages will increase and she will have access to social security and other benefits. Khair un Nissa believes that LEF has provided them strength that she is not alone and together with other Home Based Workers they can achieve their rights.

Labour restored with Labour Qaumi Movement’s assistance

20 labourers of Madina viewing power loom factories were dismissed from their jobs when they wanted implementation on Government Gazette notification. These labourers demanded increase in their wages like in other power loom factories. These labourers later joined Labour Qaumi Movement. After successful negotiations with factory owners and leaders of Labour Qaumi Movement it was decided that their wages would be increased, their jobs reinstated and social security cards provided. Due to this success more factory workers joined Labour Qaumi Movement.








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