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    February  2012


Organizations fail to deliver without teamwork

A second leadership training programme was organized by Labour Education Foundation for Lady Health Worker’s in Karachi. 22 Lady Health workers participated in it belonging from 6 different units of Karachi. Workshop covered three topics. Talking on “constitution” Nasir Mansoor said that constitution is set of laws that members make for the smooth functioning of the organization. It implies to members, representatives, leaders and staff. The members should be fully aware of its constitution and should keep amending it for its better implementation. Mushtaq Ali Shan discussed “Team work and its importance”.  He said that two or more people working for a collective goal are termed as team work and with this solutions of many problems can be sought. Organizations fail to work successfully in the absence of team work. Zahra Akbar Khan took session on “Record Keeping”. She said that organizational record should be maintained such as activity register, membership form files, membership fee register, cash books, ledger book, visit book, letter pads, receipts books etc. If they are maintained then the working will be easy, time will be saved and membership will increase.


Another success for Labour Community Organization in Suttar Mill

 Suttar Mills has 500 households in the Wagah region of Lahore. Most of the residents are worker’s. The electricity polls in the area were causing accidents as they were not properly covered. Labour Community Organization (LCO) has been working in the area for 2 years and it took up the matter. The 6 committee members (all women) contacted Government officials and tabled their demanded. On 7th January, 2012 the Government provided the electricity polls. Committee members and the community were jubilant on this success.


Government malice destroying Railways

  Mansoor Ahmed Mallah, who has been involved with union work from the day he got job in Pakistan Railways. He belongs to New Jatoi, Nowshero Feroze. He formed the Mehran Railway Employees Welfare Association (MREWA) a registered union.  Later he joined “MehnatKash Union”.  Discussing the problems faced by Pakistan Railways he said that workers of all institutions are being exploited but that of Railways are being done consciously because it is a profitable institution and being destroyed under a plan. Workers are not given any benefits. They don’t have social security cards, old age benefits, over time or insurance. He said that it is further being demolished in the name of Rehabilitation. It can be improved by having a referendum. In the end he urged that workers should stand on this front and keep fighting for the rights.






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