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     September 2011                 

13.5% increase in salaries of workers, an achievement of Labour Qaumi Movement

Like previous years, this year too Labour Qaumi Movement Faisalabad submitted a demand notice to Labour Department and District Government to increase the salaries of workers in relation to inflation.  After several meetings, rallies, demonstrations finally DCO Faisalabad approved the 13.5 % increase in current salaries of workers. Due to this effort of Labour Qaumi Movement at least, 5 lac Power loom workers, 40,000 sizing industry workers salaries have been raised with effect from 1st July 2001. Later, other industrial units also demanded the increase, and their salaries were also raised. This is a bid achievement on part of Labour Qaumi Movement.

Consultation Meeting: Problems of Textile Garments and strategy to resolve them

A consultation was organized in Karachi in which most of the participants belonged to Power looms and textile sector. Aim of this consultation was to highlight the problems of textile garments and move ahead in resolving these problems and to strategize such a plan in which problems of workers related to this sector are highlighted at public and Government level. It was decided in the meeting that in September people from textile sector and union representatives will be contacted, meetings will be planned and alliances made so that issues of common benefit like social security could be made public. Meeting was chaired by Rafiq Baloch President National Trade Union Federation.

Nasira, 48 year old Home Based Worker who has been working from 8 years. Her husband is fruit vendor. She has five daughters and three sons and they live in a small rented house. Nasira works for the whole day in hardly making both ends meet. She does packing of a custard items at home. Her three daughters also work with her, and they earn a mere 100 rupees after doing this back breaking work. In addition to that she also stitches clothes. She demands that she should be recognized as ad “worker” and given better wages.

Reinstate PTCL Workers

PTCL’s dismissed workers staged a demonstrative camp on GPO Chowk Mall Road and vowed that this camp struggle will continue until their demands are not met. The PTCL management has dismissed 313 members of the CBA Union, issues show cause notices to 500 workers and stopped the salaries of 19000 workers. Later it was forced to reverse its illegal decision and agreed to the pay increase. However, only 231 of the sacked 313 were reinstated. 82 union members that had played a critical role in securing the pay increase for the rest still remained dismissed.  In this context, the demands put by the union to the court stand as marginal: reinstatement of dismissed and suspended employees and restoration of full pay. Limited to this the demands offer nothing radical at a time when questions are being asked of the entire privatization process of the PTCL.

The intention to do this protest was inform the administration and Government that PTCL workers are united and they will take every step in order to achieve their due rights.






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