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    October 2011

A media session organized by Labour Education was held in Karachi on the subject of “Power looms and the problems of Home Based Worker’s. Zahra Akbar Khan representing Home Based Women Worker’s Federation and Abdul Shakoor President Power Looms General Workers Union spoke at the occasion. He said that country is facing severe shortage of Gas and electricity which is affecting the workers the most. They are being forced to commit suicides in these circumstances. He said that there are two types of power loom workers, the one who work on piece rate as a daily wager and the other who works on a prior set income. Though he works for the owner for long durations but he is denied of any appointment letter and other legal documents. At some places the pay is less than the Government rates and other instances it is according to government set rates. 
Zahra Akbar Khan discussed the plight of Home Based Workers and said that this informal sector is facing severe exploitation and inequality. 70 % of women are involved in this profession and they are working for 18- 20 long hours a day to keep a living. In addition, they are performing the routine work at home as well. They are not recognized as “worker” and no social security is provided to them by the Government. These women don’t know about their rights as they are not organized on a collective platform in order to struggle for their rights.

PIA trade union and especially CBA is facing problems these days. Since Faisal Raza Abidi intervened in PIA and took control of CBA the PIA workers are not satisfied. We were registered representatives of National Institution of Registration Corporation but we were thrown out and an outsider Amir Shah who is supposed to have strong links with People’s Party was made the president of CBA. These are the words of renowned PIA unionist Sheikh Majeed.

All Faisalabad Shoe Makers Workers Union is facing threats from local police who are being bribed by the powerful Industrialists. The workers are being jailed on false allegations of kidnapping some person. The cases filed are malicious and are being filed because the workers are active in the union activities. Labour Qaumi Movement Faisalabad apart from doing union’s organizational activities is busy in going to courts and police stations. The powerful group of industrialists in alliance with police is in process of forming small unions in order to sabotage the popularity of Labour Qaumi Movement. But the workers and not threatened by these grim situations and they are still striving their way to achieve their rights not just in Faisalabad but throughout the country.





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