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Congratulations Nazli Javed! Nazli elected unopposed councillor in a union council in Sheikhupura district. She is a senior team member of LEF. Nazli Javedis elected as women counsellor unopposed in her Union council at Sheikhupura district on special seats reserved for women as an independent candidate. She has build such a support and respect in her area that even Muslim League Nawaz supported her candidacy, the party that commands a majority in her Union council. Nazli Javed is labour secretary Awami Workers Party Punjab. She is also a community leader and works for Labour Education Foundation. She was elected as a counsellor in 2001 local bodies election and lost narrowly later in 2005. We work together since 1992, marvellous courageous women leader, Congratulation Counsellor Nazli Javed


Labour Education Foundation