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Home Based Worker's Day Celebrated by Labour Education Foundation in Charsadda

Home Based Worker's  day was celebrated by Labour Education Foundation on 23rd of October 2019 in Charsadda. More than 120 women workers participated in the activity. Ms. Nagina (HBW) expressed that Home Based Worker's faced many challenges like low wages, no other facilities. They work hard but earn very low wages. In the start Ms. Jalvat introduced LEF and its work. Ms. Shahnaz Iqbal shared the history of 20th October Home Based Worker's Day. Its the day when Home Based Worker's were able to get recognition as South Asian level. Khurshied Bano from the Hwa loor organization shared that they are trying to get approved the Home Based Worker's policy. Home Based Workers women union is regularly contacting with Members Provincial Assembly to raise voice in the favour of Home Based Worker's.







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