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One Days Training Session with Brick Kiln Workers Parents & Children Organized by LEF in Lahore.

One day training session was organized with brick kiln workers parents and children on the topics child protection, child rights and child labour. Most of the participants shared their views about child labour and said they are bound to complete task of bricks as per given by the owners on daily basis, thatís why children are involve in this set up. They also said that there is no khidmat cards and free books for children in government schools. Participants said that if we got proper wages child labour issue can be finished but if government initiate this process. Their children are not treated well by the teachers and site aside from other student due to their poor status with its true spirit. Child protection issue is also prevailing at brick kilns because for long time parents are not at homes they go out for work, in that time children are not save, they became victim by anyone so easily. They donít have security at brick kilns as well as parents are not also aware about this matter. Total 19 males and 11 females participated in this training.




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