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Two Days Training Workshop on OSH with Brick Kiln Workers  Organized by LEF in Lahore.

A training workshop on OSH was organized by LEF on 17-18 March 2018 for two days with brick kiln workers in Lahore in which workers from three districts participated. They got knowledge about occupational health and safety especially keeping focus on environment at work place, concept about work related hazards and risks, what personal protective measures to adopt for safeguard, concept of occupational Injuries, first aid practice session, how to use OSH kit contents, basic concept about personal hygiene, hand washing techniques and sanitation; 18 males 11 females participated in this training. In this training workshop also discuss some preventive measures with brick kiln workers for their personal health such as, use pure drinking water, no use of plastic glass gallons for water, donít use oil, Greece paints etc. at brick kilns, small hairs for males, proper hand wash and take bath daily after completing work, donít use shirt with collar with half sleeves, use miswak if there is no available paste and brush, children should be given polio drops at brick kiln, use water for eye wash twice in a day, donít use black color shoes for daily use.




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