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Two Days Training Workshop with Brick Kiln Union Members Organized by LEF In Sheikhupura.

Two days training workshop was organized with Brick kiln union members on 13-14 March 2018 by LEF in Mumtaz Mehal Faroqabad Sheikhupura. Six sessions were delivered on the topics socio economic situation of Brick kiln workers, gender equality, laws related to brick kiln workers, labour rights and unionism, psychological issues of brick kilns, strategy to organize brick kiln workers. Some issues reported during different sessions such as, high advances, low wage rate, no pension at the time of retirement, education facilities at brick kiln, health facilities at brick kiln, bonded Labour, no CNIC, no social security cards, no scholarship for the children as announced by the Government, housing issue, impure drinking water, no electricity at brick kiln/bills are paid by the workers, domestic Violence, harassment of women at brick kiln, no self-respect, no right of citizenship, gender discrimination, graveyard issue, no place for graves for brick kiln workers in different areas. Total 30 participants participated in this training in which 22 males and 8 females participated.




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