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A training workshop for learners organized by LEF in Lahore

Labour Education Foundation (LEF) organized a two days capacity building training workshop for the learners of skill centres of Labour Community Organizations on 8-9 November 2016 in Lahore. Total 33 participants (25 girls and 8 boys) and their teachers attended this training. The main objective of this training was to enhance their knowledge on subjects like basic business traits, gender, environmental issues and socio economic situation in country.
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A Training of Women Garment Workers Organized by LEF in Lahore

Organising of women garment workers is very important for development of the labour movement in Pakistan. LEF is trying to train garment workers and organise them in union in few districts in Pakistan.
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World Day Against Child Labour
"End Child Labour in Supply Chain"


Labour Education Foundation in collaboration with Solidar Switzerland and Group Development Pakistan observed the World Day against Child labour on 28th July 2016 at Pak Heritage Hotel, Lahore was arranged a seminar. 259 were participation including children and community. The representatives of local and national organizations also participated. Speakers talked about the present situation in terms of child rights, reasons behind child labour, importance of education for children and the role of government to deal with the situation. A puppet show was arranged by "GODH". Children from the non-formal education centres established under the project “Piloting an Intervention to Counter Child labour in Slum of Lahore” described their thoughts about the issues related to child labour.
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Session with children on Poor Development & Implementation

CRM Punjb arranged a session for children at Labour Education Foundation's NFE center in Ahmad Town Lahore to make them aware about the existing laws for the protection and promotion of their rights. Session led by Ahmar Majeed Advocate High court and child Rights expert.
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Capacity Building Training Workshop Organized by LEF in Lahore

Labour Education Foundation (LEF) organized a capacity building training workshop for members of Labour Community Organizations (LCOs) on 18-19 May, 2016 in Pak Heritage Hotel, Lahore. 25 participants (14 women and 11 men) attended this training. Trainers highlighted the objectives of forming and strengthening 10 LCOs in two districts, Lahore and Sheikhupura, how to increase membership and membership fee, importance and techniques of advocacy campaign for people’s rights, social, economic and political situation of Pakistan, requirements and method of registration of organizations with government, women’s role in developing organizations and issues of areas through presentations, discussion, group works and mapping.
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A Rally of HBWs Organized by LEF in Lahore

Labour Education Foundation (LEF) organized a rally of Home Based Workers (HBWs) from Shimla Pahari to Punjab Assembly, Lahore on "International Labour Day" (1st May), 2016. More than 200 HBWs participated in this rally and chanted slogans, recognize HBWs as labour, pay wages according to work, ratify convention 177 of HBWs etc.
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May Day 2016

Press Conference On Budget Allocation for Child Rights

Child Rights Movemnet had a press confernce to demand Increase budget to address Child Rights isues in Punjab. Children are 47% of our total population receiving 1% of public investment; we cannot imagine a bright future for our country without giving their due share in resources.
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From : Hassan Muhammad Rana
President Progressive Labour Federation


Supreme Court of Pakistan 3 judges Bench has reinstated me and my friends with all back benefits.I am grateful to you all,you ever encouraged me during my dismissal period which was sole for working class. Its for your kind information and Love.

CAN Pakistan had a meeting with Secretary Labour


Continuous efforts will bring lasting changes to children's lives. Yes, we are few in number but determined, passionate and dedicated and will continue our efforts to create a society ......... more

Demonstration in Lahore for Ali Enterprises victims


Today was a global call day for showing solidarity with Ali Enterprises victims for paying full compansation and justice to families of 256 workers died in the fire incident. In this regard, Textile Powerloom and Garment Workers Federation and Labour Education Foundation today held a demonsration in fron of Lahore Press Club. Even after 3 years the victims' families are not paid full tong term compansation and the German company KIK Textilian has gone back from its initial promise to pay full compansation. Even the government of Pakistan has not been very active to give justice to the families and the responsible for fire and situation created after fire are not being put behind bars. We demand that KIK pays full long term compansation to the families, government should take effective measures to improve factory inspections and implementation of labour laws.
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CAN Pakistan organized excellent Meeting with Honourable Governor Punjab on Child Rights issues in Punjab. CAN Pakistan is thankful to all those who supported us in making this successful intervention. 11-April-2016
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Press Conference Textile Powerlooms and Garment Workers Federation Pakistan  09-April-2016

Textile powerlooms and garment workers federation Pakistan hold a press conference on 06 April for the reinstatement of sake textile garment workers.Pakistan textile workers federation general sectory Usama Tariq, Ittifaq mazdor union cresent bahuman pindi bhatian president Gulam Abbas, Gen Sec. Khalid Mehmood. Ali Murtaza Associate private limited workers unions Gen Sec. Farhad Shukat and M Asif. Lef director khalid mehmood was also their.
TPGWF gen sec. Niaz khan said that Cresent bhuman pindi bhatian and Ali murtaza associate workers should be reinstate and give them freedom to organize trade union.TPGWF will organize rallies and protest with orther unions in Lahore,Faisalabad,Multan and Hafizabad.
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Khalid Mahmood Director Labour Education Foundation  (LEF) writes that "Progressive Forces Must Unite Against Extremism and Militancy in Pakistan"
'Trade unions, student unions, women rights NGOs, people’s movements have to come together to save our society. All the progressive, secular and democratic forces must stand together, under the banner of radical peace, justice and equality for all.'



Pakistan Bhatta Mazdoor Union and Minimum Wage Committee Rally 18-March-2016

Nothing to say more about the rally, it is self explanatory how desperate the brick kiln workers are for implementation of minimum wage rate. The government is unable to implement its own laws and announcements; bhatta owners' mafia is so powerful and are part of the ruling political parties. It was interesting for me to take different shades of protesters and speakers. Brave women workers participating with their children was impressive. For pictures click here

Powerloom workers protesting since last one week in Faisalabad 11-March-2016

Powerloom workers in Faisalabad are protesting since last one week on the demand of appointments of oilmen, machine maintenance and loading staff in the factories. This is an old demand of workers but nothing is happening due to non-implementation of labour laws on health and safety and employers behaviour who are not willing to negotiate with employers. Last night goons of the district administration and employers under the alleged orders of DCO attacked the camp of protesting workers outside DCO office and injured many workers including Mian Abdul Qayum, chairman of the LQM. Today around 5000 powerloom workers from all around Faisalabad organised a rally against the attack on workers and for their demands, all powerloom factories were closed today. On intervention of the CPO Faisalabad a committee is formed now which will hold negotiation tomorrow. Punjab government should take notice of this situation and should implement the labour laws in true spirit to save workers health and insure safe working conditions. Click here

Joint statement of AWP leadership on eve of International Women's Day
On the 106th International Woman’s Day, we the central leadership of the Awami Workers Party commend the women of Pakistan for their courage.........more

Habib Jalib Inqilabi Mela
30 April at 6pm at Aiwan Iqbal Lahore, Egerton Road Lahore with known poets and artists, Habib Jalib birth day celebrations on 24 March 2016 at Lahore Press Club

Today our friends paid a wonderful tribute to Renowned Lawyer Barrister Salman Akram Raja,who contested and won the PTCL Employees and pensioners case in Supreme Court. Please pay your welcome tribute by sharing this photograph too. Click here 06-March-2016

Lahore --- a city of gardens, now a city of concrete
Lahore: Environmentalist and author Z B Mirza remembers a very different Lahroe..........more 28-Feb-2016

The Orange Line
The government of Punjab is spending Rs162 billion for the transportation of 250,000 residents of Lahore..........more

Inagural conference of PBIFEF

At inagural conference of Pakistan Bank Insurance and Financial Employees Federation (PBIFEF) in Islamabad today. It was great to meet Brother Christopher Ng, general seretary of UNI Apro and Brother Jayasari Pryalal, director finance UNI Apro. PBIFEF is a very good initiative of unions coming together and joing their strengths. In times of present government which has policies of selling every public sector institution to their cronies, trade unions have to show solidarity with each other in struggle against privatisation. State Life Insurance Corporation is under threat of privatisation and the union is resisting so far but all other unions will have to come together in this resistance. 27-Feb-2016

Brick Kiln Workers Rally in Lahore

Brick kiln workers from allover Punjab organised a rally and gave a sit-in in Lahore for their demands of implimentation of minimum wage rate, elimination of bonded labour, registration in social security and EOBI and elimination of child labour. Sit-in continued for 8 hours till the successful negotiations were held with Secretary Labour Punjab Mr. Ali Sarfaraz who assured the workers to start a campaign by government on implimentation of wage rates and for fullfilment of all other demands of the workers. This rally was organised jointly by the Pakistan Bhatta Mazdoor Union and Labour Qaumi Movement. Workers from different district reached in the rally despite harrassment and arrests by the police all night. 15-Feb-2016

Faiz Aman Mela 2016 Photographs

Congratulations Nazli Javed! Nazli elected unopposed councillor in a union council in Sheikhupura district. She is a senior team member of LEF.... more

21-Jan-2016 “Government should take in to account conducting of Census to be held in 2016 which is mandatory for the allocation of budget for the women and marginalized sectors”. This was discussed in a seminar on National and Provincial Budget of Pakistan was arranged by the HomeNet Pakistan at Hospitality Inn Hotel Lahore. Representatives from several government department including representatives from local government, social protection authority academia and the members from 13 District Action Committees of Punjab including Home based workers leaders, line department representatives from Lodhran, Faisalabad, Rajanpur, Sialkot, Kasur, Gujranwala, Chiniot, Vehari, Muzzafargarh, Multan, Jehlum, Sargodha, Sahiwal etc participated in the seminar. 21-Jan-2016

17-Jan-2016 visited Faisalabad to attend Organising Committee meeting of Labour Qaumi Movement (LQM) and delivered session on organising strategies. Among attendants was Fazal Ilahi the most prominent of arrested leaders of LQM under anti terrorism charges in 2011. Good to see his courage and continuation of leading workers in Sudhar sector of Faisalabad. Today lead news of Dunya daily newspaper of Faisalabad edition was about DCO's active role to solve problems of powerloom and brick kiln workers. Workers issue raised by newspaper in such a way is not very common in Pakistan. This only is happening due to continuous struggle of LQM leadership. 17-Jan-2016

Protest for Resorted Mehnatkash Union Philip Morris Trade Union leaders and workers in Lahore by Progressive Labour Federation Pakistan. 11-Jan-2016

Good News! Mehnatkash Union Philip Morris Trade Union Leaders Released
Arrested trade union leaders and members of Mehnatkash Union Philip Morris released by KPK government due to pressure of solidarity campaign by trade unions, AWP and IUF.


Friends please send protest letters to KPK government over arrests of union leaders of Philip Morris Tobacco Company; click the link below.


Please Send the protest massage to KPK Government aginst the Arrestment of Philip Morris Worker's and Leaders.

Mehnatkash Union Philip Morris Tobacco Company Leaders arrested: Shame on PTI government of KPK for arresting trade union leaders and members of Mehnatkash Union Philip Morris Tobacco Company!.... more

33 Terminated Workers are sent to Dera Ismail Khan Jail
33 terminated workers are sent to Dera Ismail Khan Jail after being arrested from the protest camp in front of the Phillip Moris Tobacco Company, in Swabi district today...... more

Incredible speeches by leaders of Home Based Workers in the National Convention held in Lahore on 10th November by LEF. A very good report by Baghi TV


National Convention of Home Based Workers 2015
Announce National and Provincial policies for Home Based Workers. HBWs demands for right to organize and provision of social security. More than 500 HBWs’ leaders participated from 10 districts around Pakistan. National Convention of Home Based Workers organized by LEF in Lahore...... more

Powerloom workers fired upon in Ghulam Muhammadabad area by gangsters of powerloom factory owner

LEF celebrates World Day against Child Labour in Lahore
No to Child Labour, Yes to Quality Education!
Labour Education Foundation in collaboration with Solidar Switzerland and Group Development Pakistan observed the World Day against Child labour on 12th June 2015 in Ahmed Town, Lahore by organising a seminar. Approximately 350 persons including children were participated in the seminar.
The representatives of different political parties, local and national organizations also participated. Speakers talked about the present situation in terms of child rights, reasons behind child labour, importance of education for children and the role of government to deal with the situation. A puppet show was arranged by the Zoom Theatre. Children from the non-formal education centres established under the project “Piloting an Intervention to Counter Child labour in Ahmed Town” described their thoughts about the issues related to child labour and reiterated their aim to get education.

HBWW's Provincial Leadership Training Workshop in Mardan
11-12 June, 2015: Labour Education Foundation organized 2 - day Provincial leadership training workshop for home based women workers in Mardan.
Members and Office Bearers from Home Based Women Workers Union KPK contributed actively and took some decisions to enhance union membership and structuring bodies at district level by drawing future strategy.

Training workshop organized by LEF in Lahore
Labour Education Foundation (LEF) organized two days training workshop for capacity building of members of Labour Community Organizations (LCOs) on 21- 22 May, 2015 in Lahore.
25 members of LCOs from different areas of Lahore participated in this training. The speaker discussed about objectives of LCOs and importance of organizing at community level to bring social change in their lives. Members are motivated to participate in Local Bodies Elections for political change so that working class could resolve basic issues of communities by presenting at decision making levels.
They were also convinced to put pressure on government departments, political activists and government of Pakistan for their basic rights by lobbying. The trainers emphasized the need of women participation not only as members but also as office bearers in LCOs as they have a vital role in social and economic development; we can’t progress without women’s participation.

Progressive forces in Pakistan and Afghanistan to form a common strategy to combat this challenge, Joint Conference Declaration
Lahore: There is a common threat of religious fundamentalism and imperialistic occupation to the progressive forces in Pakistan and Afghanistan and there is a need for common strategy to combat this challenge, this was the outcome of a two-day conference of progressive parties of Pakistan and Afghanistan organised by the Labour Education Foundation on March 12 and 13.
Speaking on the occasion, Afghanistan Solidarity Party spokesperson Selay Ghaffar said that the present government in Afghanistan was an enemy of the working class and especially women. “War lords, murderers and tribal leaders sit in power in the government...they are not interested in taking effective measures to promote democracy or equality in Afghanistan.”
Speaking at the concluding session of the conference, Awami Workers Party general secretary Farooq Tariq said a common strategy was required to fight religious fundamentalism on both sides of the border. He said the government of Pakistan must not terrorise those Afghan refugees living peacefully in Pakistan for several years. Refugees who have not received identification documents must get them without delay. “There is no good or bad Taliban,” he said. Terrorism must be fought vigorously by progressive forces on both sides.
The fifth Afghanistan-Pakistan Progressive Parties Conference explored Effective Women’s Participation in Decision Making Bodies.

Community Seminar Organized “International Women Day” on 8th March, 2015 by LEF in Lahore
Labour Education Foundation (LEF) organized a seminar to commemorate “International Women Day” on 8th March, 2015 in Ahmed Town, Lahore. 110 Home Based Women Workers (HBWWs) participated in this seminar. The importance and significance of the International Women’s Day was highlighted, the struggle and efforts of women workers in economy and to improve their working conditions were appreciated. Along with describing the situation of HBWWs, demand to ratify and implement the ILO convention 177 was repeated. The law of sexual harassment at the work place, harassment at public places, violence against women and laws for protection of women were also shared in this event. Women participated enthusiastically though there was heavy rain and hailing in Lahore.

Faiz Amn Mela 2015
Excelent Faiz Amn Mela this year! Despite Pakistan India world cup cricket match today the open air auditorium was full of audience. A beautiful poetic drama "Heer" was presented by drama activists. Poetry session, a regular feature of Mela was very emotional as poets paid tribute to children of APS Peshawar. Challenging religious extremism is not a new phonomenon in poetry in Pakistan but today Faiz Mela brought prominent progressive poets together to renew the promise of fighting fundamentalism. Laal Band, Jawad Ahmed and Inayat Abid sang Faiz and motivated audiences. Farooq Tariq, general secretary Awami Workers Party spoke of bring real change in Pakistan by building working class movement. Lots of young peoples' participation in this year's Faiz Mela was a prominent feature.
I thoroughly enjoyed taking pictures whole day in this wonderful event!

LEF Seminar "Current Political Situation and Workers' Rights"
LEF organised a seminar today in Lahore on "Current Political Situation and Workers' Rights". Asma Jahangir, Salman Akram Raja, Farooq Tariq, Niaz Khan, Amir Sohail, Aslam Meraj, Nazli Javed spoke. Establishment of military courts was strongly opposed by all speakers.
Lack of political will by government to impliment labour laws was criticised by labour leaders. Importance of workers participation and developing workers own politics was emphacised. Workers of formal and informal sector from different areas of Lahore participated in the seminar.

Carpet Workers of Lahore
SASK and APHEDA visit to carpet washing factory, warm welcome by Ittehad Labour Union Carpet Industries Pakistan!

Home Based Workers of Lahore and their work!

Community Seminar Organized by LEF in Lahore
Labour Education Foundation organized a seminar to commemorate the campaign of "16 Days of Activism Against Gender Based Violence" in area of Khuda Ki Basti on 3rd December, 2014.
Approximately 300 women attended the seminar. History, importance, significance and relevance of the 16 Days of Activism Against Gender Based Violence was shared with the audience. 25 November as internationally day to eliminate all types of violence against women, 10 December as human rights day and legal protection against sexual harassment was described. Community activists organized a theater play to highlight the issue of domestic violence.

Protest organized by PHBWF in Lahore
Progressive Home Based Workers Federation (PHBWF) organized a demonstration in front of Lahore Press Club on 21st November, 2014. 550 HBWs from Lahore, Sheikhupura and Kasur participated in the protest. HBWs said they will continue their protest till ratification of C177. Home Based Women Workers chanted Slogans
Ratify C177
Unionization our right
We are workers Recognize us

Sindh Visit
T4-day wonderful visit of Sindh, met brave home based women workers leaders and activists in Hyderabad and Moro, trade unions of Nowshehro Feroz coming together to form a Trade Union Coordination Committee. Difficult political and social situation for women and trade unions but things are moving, thanks to handwork of some committed comrades.

National Convention of Home Based Workers
The National Convention of Home Based Workers (HBWs) was organized by the Labour Education Foundation (LEF) to commemorate...... more

Prosperity Begins At Home
Home Based Workers call for inclusion in labour policies and the ratification of C 177 - the ILO convention concerning them, in order to put an end to their exploitation. You! takes a look... more


Women workers give Nov 20 deadline to government LAHORE: Women Home Based Workers (HBWs) from all over Punjab have warned the government of a dharna (sit-in) in front of the Punjab Assembly..... more

Female Brick Kiln Worker Issues
Another good report by Shehryar Warraich! This is about discrimination with female brick kiln workers.


Help with homework,  Home-based workers demand recognition as labour, end to extortion and harassment By Shahzada Irfan Ahmed Sajida Manzoor is a home-based worker (HBW) from Rawalpindi. She, along with her family members..... more

National Convention of Home Based Workers: By Khalid Mahmood(01/11/2013) LAHORE: Stressing upon the legal recognition of ‘Home Based Workers’(HBWs) as ‘labour’, national convention of HBWs call for legislation as well as policy framing for suppressed workers in all provinces..... more 

More than 300 workers die in Pakistan due to fire in two factories, Criminal negligence by government and employers, they should be brought to justice for killing workers: By Khalid Mahmood (13/09/2012)More than 289 textile workers in Karachi and 25 shoe makers in Lahore died due to fires in.... more

Every government suppresses trade unions            Altaf Baloch has lived an eventful life working and fighting for the cause of labour unions and paying a price for it in the shape of spending many years in jail. He has supported working class.... more

A Long Struggle ends in a Win National Database and Registration Authority ( NADRA) is the leading organization in Pakistan that keeps the record of all the citizens of Pakistan. It issues national identity cards, passports, other cards for..... more 

PTCL United Workers Alliance rejects Etisalat unemployment plan Company plan to kick out 16000 more workers, Nationalise PTCL, United Alliance demands at a press conference in Lahore:Today on 31st July, leaders of six different trade.... more

Intro: Pakistan Industrial Relations Act (PIRA)       By: Salman Ali (23/07/2012) In 2010 Punjab government passed the new labour law PIRA which LEF believes that they want the laborers to work hard for their rights. It’s simply against their will.  As.... more

Discussion with labour students on Pakistan Penal Code Section 509: An orientation session was conducted at Suttermill and Youhanabad in last week of June.  The topic was “Protection against Harassment of Women at Workplace Act, 2010”. About... more

LEF documentary on Power loom workers selected for Berlin Film Festival‏:(Khalid Mahmood 13\02\2012) Labour Education Foundation’s documentary “Rise of the Oppressed” on power loom workers of Faisalabad directed by Ammar Aziz has been selected...... more

.... more

Labour Party Pakistan under attack, Help us to fight back: (Farooq Tariq 15\11\2011) Several supporters and members of Labour Party Pakistan are locked up if different jails of Pakistan.... more

ITGLWF Condemns Jailing of Pakistan Power Loom Union Leaders: The International Textile, Garment and Leather Workers’ Federation has strongly condemned the brutal campaign waged by employers.... more

 “Registration as workers is the legal right of Home Based Workers”. This was demanded by women present at the first ever celebration of Home Based Workers Day jointly organized Home Net Pakistan and.... more

Nobody in Pakistan postal services is in the position to solve the problems of union. Saeed Hameed Ahmed has been striving for the worker rights of Pakistan postal services since 1957. He formed an.... more

 Ship breaking industry earning Billions annually is being ignored by the Government institutions. On 27th September a seminar was held in Karachi on the topic of working conditions and rights of... more

We will protest until our demands are met. All primary teachers Association Khyber Pakhtoonkhawa is on protest since October 1st and from 22nd October classes are being boycotted too..... more

Daily waged workers of Nestle Pakistan’s Sheikhupura factory are facing numerous problems. Their wages are not increased, denied of benefits such as weekly and annual holidays.... more

Six power loom workers’ leaders sentenced for 10 year each by Anti-Terrorist Court in Faisalabad       By Khalid Mahmood (01\11\2011)Anti-Terrorist Court’s judge Mian Muhammad Anwar Nazir sentenced six Labour Qaumi Movement’s leaders for 10 years each under terrorism charges in Faisalabad...read more



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